Dear: Element 14 Community


I am letting you guys know I am building a raspberry pi cluster based off of a laser cut frame I designed and cut on a laser cutter and designed with librecad.


Let me just explain first of all my experiences as an engineer. Here are a list of accomplishments I have made within the past few years.


  • Built a video game for xbox 360 from XNA C#.
  • Built a 3D printer.
  • Built several robots with Arduino.
  • 3D printed a  ton of junk in my basement.
  • Working on a new 3D printer.
  • Did first robotics and learned netbeans ide.
  • and more...

I also have used a raspberry pi before. I recently got a raspberry working with an lcd display and raspbian. Here are a list of parts I need to continue the project.

  • 60 * m2.5 X 15mm bolts.
  • 15 * RPi3
  • A ton of Ethernet cables
  • A 15 usb port usb bus
  • A 15 Ethernet port Ethernet bus
  • usb micro cables.

I would also need to accomplish the following.


  • Powering 15 raspberry pis.
  • Getting 15 raspberry pi's in a  cluster.
  • Mounting and keeping things organized in the cluster.
  • Program a code breaking algorithm.


Wish me good luck!!! Thanks!!!