A few months back, I enrolled for a design contest at hackster.io . Needless to say its one of those contest where hundreds(500) of people join but every few complete. Anyway I did my part and here are a few tit-bits I gathered.


The implementation

I initially though about adding a massive array of features but then remembered that it was a contest sponsored by Cypress. Instead I worked on one part and ended up getting stuck in a loop. I started with the Texas Instruments MSP430 and finally settled on using a RPi 2 instead. The idea took me a month to finalize and 4 days to implement! That was so stupid I though BUT the fact it a lot of the times this happened. I spend an additional week trying to learn PSOC creator and made a small video.


I also did a lot of goofing around and have the footage to prove it. Its still needs a bit of editing but I will post it




when I am done Here are a few pictures




Im pretty OK with the result as everything is clean (thats a first!) and work.


Putting together the enclosure was a tough decision as I did not want to go with the boring box design but due to personal blunders, I had to cave.


Here is a time lapse that was the result of the Cel Robox.





Here is why I am actually writing this blog. I need feedback. Feedback on what is right and what is wrong. Why this is important is ...


(Content to be filled in after collection of feedback)


So what do I solicit feedback on? Here it is... https://www.hackster.io/inderpreet/while-you-were-away-an-office-management-solution-8f3d48


and this little video I mocked up considering advice from Workshopshed sir, jancumps sir fvan sir


So the question is... "what do you guys think?"

"what is the first thing that comes to you mind when you see this content?"

"Why am I hungry"... OK forget that one.


Thanks in advance.

Live long and prosper.