Hello Again,

As i said in others post of mine i am working on a house automation system based on raspberry pi and arduino ... I ve moved a lot with this.. I also writing a program for this. I wrote the program in Visual basic 2010...it has over 1000 lines of code cause it is also like JARVIS from ironman... It can execute a dissent amount of pre installed commands. I also added a feture when the doorbell ring a window pop up in my screen and it show me who is in the front door with face recognition.... I now want to move to the "next level" and make it work also on my android....is there any way to make it synchronise in real time pc software and Android? For example if i dim the lights in one room to see the changed value on my phone and reverse or monitor the temperatures(data comes from arduino to pc software)

One idea that i had is to setup a local server. Or website on the arduino and share the data with pc and android. But i don't know if this is gonna be okay.

So... Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot nicolaoscon96