For a moment, it felt like i was guiding the mars rover!



I bought the NoIR camera about 12 months ago for another project and wondered how i could incorporate into my robot somehow. I swapped out my normal camera that i use for my OpenCv work and dropped in the NoIR camera, Now in the past i have tried using some of the small IR lamps and LED units but they never really delivered the results i was looking for so i found an IR FLOOD LIGHT and mounted that on a deck for giggles to see how it would work and my word - the results were amazing! This thing lit up the place like a runway landing light.


NoIR Flood Light


To the human eye, you only see little red lights in the LED's but my android phone caught the full power of this thing.



IR Flood Light


The power for the flood light is switched by a relay mounted under the deck, but the unit also had a built in light detector, good for saving juice while running on batteries!


IR Flood Light



IR Still image


IR Still Image


Trying to navigate around my apartment. Ive since tuned the motors so he runs a bit straighter






It would be cool if there was some way that i could easily switch between a normal and a noIR camera. I think its called an auto-switching or cut filter. at the moment i just have it blue tacked onto the front of the normal one and switch the ribbon between the two