So this will be my first blog,  I just wanted to share a project I created for the Exploring Cellular IoT with the Hologram Nova and RaspberryPi contest on Hackster.io site.  The project was suppose to be a Trail camera with a cellular connection, but I would be more useful in a setting where it could be plugged in instead of using a battery. Something like a camp with power but no internet.

When I proposed the idea, I didn't realize the raspberry pi zero didn't have any power management built in.  It was only after I started building it that I notice it would only last about a day or two on batteries without having a solar panel connect to it.  I know there is ways to shut down functionality in the Pi to save power, I haven't look too deeply into it, but maybe I will in the next release.


Anyways, the project can be view here https://www.hackster.io/cybermah/trail-camera-e1deff 


I would like to give a shout out to Hologram and Hackster for giving me the opportunity to do the project.  The Hologram Nova USB cellular modem is a great addition to my hardware, and I will surly be using it in other projects.  Also in addition to the Hologram modem, the kit I received from the contest contained a couple of sensor, raspberry pi zero w and an esp8266, all of which I had on my wish list for projects this year.