Next Biggest Breakthrough for Raspberry Pi is here!




Today I successfully compiled OpenCL on raspberry pi 3, Opening the door for numerous GPU possibilities for Raspberry Pi, Love the performance in FFMPEG(1080p rendering) and now looking forward to Deep-Learning applications on this little beast.




VC4CL is a newer effort bringing OpenCL to the Broadcom VideoCore IV GPUs as found in the Raspberry Pi boards. VC4CL implements OpenCL 1.2 for the VideoCore 4 graphics processor albeit the embedded profile standard. This VC4CL implementation does support the OpenCL ICD.




Notable supported features:



- Performance-wise it beats the results of the pocl implementation for the floating-point benchmark (reaching up to 4GFLOPS!) and has an expected inferior memory-access speed (at up to 120MB/s). More info. here



- 64-bit data-types (long, double)



- Active development




More Information on this Project can be found here:



Kudos to all the project DEVS!!!



VC4CL Performance Details:

VC4CL Github: