While I was looking for inspiration to bring and idea to life for the PiCasso Design Challenge I came across something clever, really unique and something I really wanted to try for myself once I understood how it worked: A Hologram-like projection using the Pepper's ghost principle.


Using the Pepper's ghost principle one can create a 3-D illusion displaying symmetrically opposite images that seem to float in mid-air and which are visible from different angles, this by no means is a 3-D image of course but a projection of 2-D images producing a clever result.

This project will involve some research as most of the projects related I've found rely on the Pepper's ghost pyramid that is used on top of a screen -or at least most of the ones I've seen-, like the animation below.

Jellyfish hologram

To build this project I'd like to put the display that projects the images on top of the pyramid which I plan to build with pieces cut from a Plexiglas sheet and may require slightly different angles to build. Also I'm planing to use custom-made 3-D printed parts to make all the assembly in general.

As of now, the general assembly and build of materials will consist of the following:

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+: will be orchestrating all the electronics components, processing the images/animations synchronization and light effects
  • Plexiglas pyramid shape
  • Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display (or any HDMI screen): will display the images that will be reflected on the pyramid
  • Addressable RGB LED mounted on custom-made PCBs: this will add a little bit of mood lightning to the project and also can be used to create light effects that will be coordinated with the images displayed by the RPi's screen
  • If everything goes as planned and this projects comes to life without much trouble, I'd like to add a human presence maybe using the Raspberry Pi Camera V2 and OpenCV. The human presence will trigger a change in the visualization and/or more effects added to the animations
  • To complete the project other components are required like microSD card with Raspbian, Pi Power supply, enclosure, wires, custom PCBs, etc.