There are only a few more hours left on Pi Day here in the Pacific NW and I am pecking something out on my tablet as I am away from my computer. I actually use a Raspberry Pi quite a bit for my hobby of tracking ships that go by using AIS but realize I have only made a couple of short posts here on element 14.


I used my winnings from a Project 14 contest to make an AIS ship tracker using a Pi and the official display.


Raspberry Pi with dAISy Hat running OpenCPN on Official 7" Display


And recently I used a Pi and to gather environmental data over water and post it online:


LoRa MER Week 3.5:  Testing Turbidity and Posting Data to Internet


Thanks to element 14 I am also sponsored in the PiCasso Design Challenge and will be posting quite a bit more. It looks like there will be lots of other interesting projects to follow in the challenge and I look forward to that.


Hope for the future:  my grandsons 2nd grade class had pie today at school and he drew a fun little picture with pi written out to 12 decimal places or so.  I don’t remember what we did in math class when I was that age but pretty sure it did not involve pie or pi.


Happy Pi Day!