See quite a few tutorials on hooking up a hard drive to the pi for and just want to give my quick and easy version cause I tried a few and they didn't work.



install buster on sd card :


insert into your pi and boot up do the first time setup and updates.


plug in your ssd drive


go to the pi menu and then to accessories

click on SD Card copier


copy from device:  your SD Card

copy to device:      your ssd or hdd



Before clicking on start make sure you check the box to create New Partition UUIDs


once complete close that out.


Open terminal:  ctrl+alt+t


type sudo blkid



open another terminal:  ctrl+alt+t


first we want to back up the cmdline.txt file just in case it doesn't work we

can take it back to our computer and re-enable the working one.


sudo cp /boot/cmdline.txt /boot/cmdline.txt.bak


type: sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt


So now we are going to look at the "PARTUUID="somenumbers"


now in the terminal you typed in the other window you should see 2 rootfs

one should be the same as in the cmdline.txt file grab the one from sda1 or sda2 with

the label rootfs.



replace the cmdline.txt with the new uuid


hit ctrl+x then press y hit enter


type sudo reboot


once booted up open your file folder the yellow file and look in the bottom right and see

if its picked up your ssd or hdd should show the size you may have to adjust volume sizes.


That's it you should be now running on the ssd or usb storage drive.




So I finally got around to doing a video on it.  Now bear with me its certainly interesting recording and editing on the raspberry pi 4 but I managed to get through it will have to update my other post about using the pi 4 as a desktop in my other blog post.   takes just over a hour to render a 10 minute video but its doable.  getting the setting and codecs correct took some time tho. I think it took me about 2 days to finally get everything edited and uploaded.  But now I have the process down next time it won't take so long.