Green screen / chroma keying is a layering technique where you replace the real background of your video with a digital background (can be other images as shown below or other videos). This technique is used in


  • news casting. Example: weatherman pointing to weather patterns
  • movies. I am guessing the invisible cloaks in Harry Potter movies were created using this technique
  • and even in VR-based video game productions.



Imagine being able to pull this off with only a Raspberry Pi and USB webcam / R-Pi camera board, that is exactly what this MATLAB example is all about. If you have those two hardware, a green cloth, and Simulink; then it will take you less than 15 mins to have your green screen set up. If you want to replicate this demo: Raspberry Pi 3 and MathWorks Learn to Program Pack Starter Kit  and a USB webcam / Raspberry Pi Camera Board will do the trick.


For those who are interested in building a more powerful green screen (which can process images at a much higher rate), take a look at this detailed post which shows how to run the same algorithm on an NVIDIA Jetson.


Please comment with ideas of what you will do with your green screen