So if you plan on using your Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop or any other Raspberry Pi.  One thing I cant stress enough if protection if you have a web browser in use and your online you want to make sure that you have some sort of protect and a good starting point is with some Malware and Antivirus protection.


Now from my understanding LMD (Linux Malware Detect) will run with clamav now is it working 100% with clamtk?  it seems to be but I could be mistaken scans do take longer with it installed so I am under the assumption it is working correctly.

You can either run your scans from terminal or through clamtk which I use as well.


So lets get it installed the first thing we want to do is download LMD

you can copy and paste the following into a terminal window.


LMD Download:


open terminal then enter the following:



next we want to extract it so you can either do that from terminal or what I like to do is just open the file manager and then move it to another folder not in the /home/pi folder  for my example I create one called av.

once you have placed it into your folder you will want to extract it right click on it in the folder and select extract here.

After that we want to move it to its new home so I would type the following you might have to do it differently depending on where you have it located

so I went to the directory I had it extracted in terminal

I went  cd av from the home/pi directory if your not sure where you are just type ls you might have it just in your home/pi folder if you just extracted it there.

onto moving it to its new home with the folder visible in the directory I typed sudo mv maldetect-1.6.4 /opt/ and hit enter.

next command are as follows.


cd /opt

cd maldetect-1.6.4

sudo ./


after I installed ClamAv and ClamTK I made sure that the file was set to work with ClamAv

this is set by going to /opt/maldetect-1.6.4/files

and typing: sudo nano conf.maldet

should be half way or more down the list you will see


if for some reason it says "0" change it to "1"



CalmAv install:

open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install clamav && sudo apt-get install clamtk


Well that one was easy to do after installing both of those go to the top left to the applications menu and go to accessories and then click on clamtk


That's it! Play around and scan away it won't take much to get use to it and if you want to add more functions to keep your system protected with clamav go to the applications menu and then down to Preferences and then select Add / Remove Software and in the search bar type ClamAv and it will give you a bunch of different addon's that might be of use to some.


You can also check out the video here which for some reason I had some rendering issues this time so a few white spots in the video.  Guess its time to try something else out for recording my Raspberry Pi.  Will see tho any ideas? let me know below.