My desire would be to open this post with an Son of a who cut your hair last expletive. My tendency to sprinkle pearls of vulgarity in my posts has given cause for the forum moderator to apply sanctions. I'll settle for the graphic to hopefully pass the review..


The Pi4B and PoE Hat arrived today.

That should be reason for joy right, not profanity. Unfortunately, the Pi didn't come complete with a power supply. All my Pi hardware is pre-Pi4. I don't have a Type C power supply required for this Pi. I will need to order one. Here is the rub for the expletive. I am currently waiting for delivery of a PoE power supply I already ordered from Newark for this RoadTest. I will now need to place another order to get the required Pi power supply.


I considered holding off making any supplemental parts orders to support the RoadTest until the equipment arrived. I figured, I would improve my RoadTest Review delivery schedule by ordering the required part just after I was awarded the review. No such luck. I now have to place an order and pay shipping once again.

I hate paying shipping, TWICE!


I had a chuckle in unboxing. The Pi4B came in a box without an antistatic bag. The PoE came in a box inside an antistatic bag. Hummm I would think the single board computer would justify an antistatic bag more than the Hat. Oh well.


I recall some members don't like unboxing. I'll call this a new release instead. Social isolation has given me reason to pull out a hobby that has been in dry dock for a while.


20 years ago I taught myself how to assemble ships in a bottle. I found a book at a computer book store that provided guidance on the process. I was captivated by the whole thought and left the store with a few O'Reily books and Ships in A Bottle. I convinced myself I could use the hobby to learn patience. The bottle in the picture I have had for a number of years. I couldn't use it because it was to small and none of my models would fit. I used GIMP the other day to re-scale my original assembly drawings for a schnooner model and created a 3/4 scaled set of drawing. I have lots of time on my hands right now and wasn't sure this would be successful. I get great satisfaction out of problem solving. I wasn't sure if I was creating or solving problems with this project.


Well three days later and a few expletives it is finished. You will notice the ship is slightly off center from the middle of the bottle. The tall mast at the rear of the vessel required the room in the bottle neck in order to be fully raised. I was lucky. I have had situations where I have been unable to make the assembly work and 40 hours of effort are carried way on words uttered in frustration.


It is off to Newark for a Type C power supply order.