Frustration, doesn't begin to describe the emotions I'm experiencing. I just received confirmation from Newark Canada that an in stock item that was ordered on the 3 April, has been shipped. I have been waiting for a PoE power supply required to further the The Road to Raspberry Pi4B/ PoE Hat RoadTest Review Raspberry Pi4B (4GB) plus POE Hat .


Let's list the anomalies that may have contributed to my frustration:

  • COVID-19 pandemic social distancing protocol implemented in my country
  • April 3, order item in-stock, online order page indicates item "In Processing"
  • Subsequent in stock order placed on April 15, arrives in one week.
  • Dumped twice from on-line Chat to resolve issue after waiting in queue for 60 minutes.
  • Completed two poor service rating surveys
  • No response from email to order desk
  • No response from email to accounts receivable.
  • No response after rscasny attempted to intervene.
  • The online invoice indicates I will be over charged (you do the math).

I'm waiting for my credit card statement to arrive, before attempting to resolve the suggested billing error math. I have a real fear that if I poke the bear holding my order, the bear may just throw the order in the buckwheat with the other crap.


I have some understanding that during this pandemic crisis businesses will be impacted. Newark is not responsible for the pandemic. I have a certain tolerance level for mistakes, omissions and errors. Unfortunately, I'm done tapped out dealing with the anomalies that have delayed this order. Especially with a total lack of communication from the company. When they want payment they surely respond!


I was hoping to get this review completed before a vaccine for the COVID-19 made it to phase 3 trials. Frustration be damned, if the shipping services plays well, maybe I will have what I need to start further testing in another week. I did locate a box of CAT6 cable of sufficient length for a load test.