I bought this cute case for the Raspberry Pi.

It's made by Italian company Italtronic, in the UK avalable from CPC.

They have cases for different Pis. Mine is for the B+.





It's easy. There's no Ikea-style manual though, so you may get it wrong the first time.

The only tool required is a screwdriver. The Pi is locked in place with 2 screws (included).

Some attention is needed:

  • wait with assembling the black rail mount spring until the box is assembled and closed. You can't assemble it once the spring is in.
  • Take the SD card out before closing or reopening the box. You'll damage card or Pi otherwise.



The Verdict


It's beautiful. And of good quality.

  • The SD card and all connectors are easily reachable once the kit is closed.
  • The transparent window is ideal if you want to use LEDs or a little display.
  • There's room for a HAT.
  • CAD files are available. This may be handy if you want to 3D-print a custom lid ...
  • It fits perfectly on a standard DIN Rail. And is easy to remove again.
  • Pretty!


What I'd like to have seen is:

  • openings in general. The case is fairly closed as is, and the Pi can get warm.
  • optional openings for connections (see photo below how other housings do that).

Overall, a nice and not-expensive option if you want to rail mount a Pi.



See also shabaz' review: An Industrial Enclosure for Raspberry Pi