Does anyone have any insight into lan78xx usb driver support for the Raspberry Pi?


I am attempting to use a Microchip PoE USB-C device to enabling networking to a Raspberry Pi4B. The work is part of a RoadTest for Microchip PoE to USB-C® Power and Data Adapter .


A quick check with a command line lsmod shows no lan78xx driver. There is no /lib/modules/5.10.17-v7l+/kernel/net/usb to support the lan78xx as suggested in some posts I have found.


I did find this post   and successfully completed the procedure for an Ethernet Port configuration.


A lan7800 module reference does appear for a command line lsmod after the install. The Microchip PoE USB-C lan7800 port is not detected when connected to the Pi. Still no reference to a lan78xx module appears in the directory structure.


The vendors site  indicates there has been support in the Linux kernel. My searches for Pi driver support has been limited. My understanding is lan78xx is a modules in the usb subdirectory when installed. I'm not seeing that for this kludge.


I'm thinking maybe I need a a dtsoverlay in the config.txt directory. Really not sure. I have gone as far as to load Ubuntu for the Pi to see if it is O/S related. That didn't prove fruitful.


I welcome any insight community members may have regarding network driver installs for the Pi. I will continue to hunt and peck to see if there is anything I have missed.