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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: DanyO83
Want to build this project? View Parts   Another entry to the "Double the Memory Challenge"  OpenMediaVault is a wonderful web interface to create and manage a NAS (Network attached storage). Getting OpenMediaVault installed on Raspbian (armhf) requires a little bit of effort, as there is no official packages from OMV. Some users however, have ported the majority of the packages, and I'll share with you how to get them installed. Package Sources First, you need to elevate your priv ...
Want to build this project? View Parts   My entry to the "Double the Memory Challenge":  Can be seen in full here:
fc-on-raspberrypi-with-pn532-py532lib-and-i2c/    See how to enable I2C on your RaspberryPI here:   Over the past few weeks, we at HubCityLabs have been busy! We've started work on a project will let us control access to our facilities with NFC cards, and later on, bio-metric ...

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