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Raspberry Pi

4 Posts authored by: Anuja Apte
Anuja Apte

Happy Pi Day

Posted by Anuja Apte Mar 13, 2015
I wanted to come up with my own way to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day (3.14-15). I found this image file which has the symbol Pi on an edible Pie. I figured I will use MATLAB and Raspberry Pi 2 to scan the image and extract the symbol Pi out of it.   In short I came up with a Pi 2 that can extract the Pi out of Pie to wish everyone Happy π day. ...
Anuja Apte

Holiday Pi!

Posted by Anuja Apte Dec 18, 2014
Madhu here for a holiday special post!   My friends (who ended up being my guinea pigs for this post) bought me a Raspberry Pi B+ and camera board as a gift for Thanksgiving. I thought I would surprise them by monitoring my office door (using their gift) to detect faces and display on my laptop screen. I used the Computer Vision Toolbox and wrote a simple MATLAB script to achieve my goal.    %% The code that I used to perform Face Detection % Set up your Raspberry Pi hardware ...
Hello everyone, Madhu here! For today's post I thought I'll share two interesting projects from a dinner meeting at a local Makerspace (Raspberry Pi Night) in Framingham MA.   The first was an electronic door strike. The code and the idea was gifted to the Framingham Makerspace, which is not only used to regulate access to their members but also as their symbol of pride. The video below is a testament to the ease and elegance of granting access to the members. One of the makers decided to a ...
I had previously shared a video which talked about a robot which included both, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino and was used to track a green ball. The robot used computer vision algorithms available with Simulink to detect and track the green ball. I came across a similar robot created by a colleague which is controlled by an Android app!   The robot runs on a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Mega 2560. The Arduino Mega is used to control the individual motors of the robot, whereas the Raspberry ...

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