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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: biglesp
With our ever increasing media libraries containing movies, TV shows, music and pictures we need something that can serve this content to any of our devices.    If you fancy opera in the kitchen, jazz in the bathroom and the latest Hollywood blockbuster in your pocket, then you need a media server and the Raspberry Pi 2 is the ideal low cost candidate. To replicate this project you will need:   A Raspberry Pi 2 A laptop running Windows/Mac or Linux A minimum of 8GB SD card ...
  Creativity is something we are all born with, a passion to explore and experience the unknown so that we can understand and push it's boundaries. Without creativity we would not have some of the greatest inventions known to mankind, take for example Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions based on his observation of animals and nature. Fast forward to the present day and children are the heart of creativity, loving nothing more than experiencing the joy of play. For this generation of chil ...

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