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Raspberry Pi

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Embedded Pi - Part 2

Posted by bprewit Top Member Aug 28, 2013
When I was first starting out, I worked with a senior engineer who had a poster in his office that said “It’s hard to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp .. when you’re up to your @** in alligators”.  I bring this up because this part of my investigation of the Embedded Pi reminded me of that poster .. I initially started to check out the “ST-Adapter mode” of the ePi.  CooCox’ web site had a couple of projects along this line, ...

Embedded Pi Part 1

Posted by bprewit Top Member Aug 15, 2013
After anxiously awaiting arrival of the Embedded Pi board, I was (unfortunately) not able to take a look at it for quite some time. The description of the board piqued my interest -- I can see all sorts of possibilities for it.  My initial task was to use the examples provided to exercise the ePi and get a feel for the development flow required.   The Embedded Pi has three modes of operation:      - The STM32 Standalone Mode, where the ePi is configured strictly as ...

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