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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: brianchilders
This was my #weekend #learning project. Put together a facial recognition project using #RaspberryPi and the Intel Labs Neural Compute Stick 2. The Neural Compute Stick 2 allows me to run #inference of the face detection #model using the OpenCV API. Of course I'm not training  #neuralnetworks on the Raspberry Pi, I'm deploying pre-trained networks - but that will be my next learning Experience in my  #datascience  #journey ... Does anyone have a NVIDIA Tesla (or 8) that I can borr ...
3/14/2020 Initial Post   Currently have a work in progress - a Pi Car.   I purchased a kit from SunFounder and using a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ I plan on using Google Coral for the inference to make it self-driving. Once I have a semi-working project, I'll share some more pictures.   3/22/2020 Update #1 - Getting the car assembled. ...

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