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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: cymon
I hope I'm not too late to the Double your Memory party.   My next project is going to be an automatically reloading dice tower. The Pi will handle the reloading of the tower and, here's where that 512 will come in hand, capturing an image of the rolled dice and processing that image to count the sides. I'll be using OpenCV and python to acomplish this. A histogram will be presented to the user and will be activly updated as the test is allowed to run long enough to determine the balance o ...
(I'm duplicating what I wrote in my own project area just incase this is the right way to enter the contest. If it's not please feel free to delete this blog entry.) Raspberry Pi, the famously cheap computer designed for teaching programming to kids inspired by the same sources that inspired another project of mine, Cymon’s Games. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25! Only it’s not really $25 and you didn’t believe that it was, did you? First of all that figure is outdated (they should ...

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