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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: dougw Top Member
I have been planning to make the ultimate armchair Pi for quite a while. The idea was to create a system that will connect to the TV in the family room to allow leisure and entertainment types of computing activities to be performed from the comfort of a reclining armchair. About a year ago I acquired a refurbished LG 4K TV (55"), so then it was a matter of scrounging a computer to drive it. The criteria for the armchair Pi are: It needs to look like it belongs in the family room (an unpacka ...

PiCade Build and Test

Posted by dougw Top Member Sep 1, 2019
As a finisher prize in the PiCasso Design Challenge I received a Pimoroni PiCade and a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to power it. This blog is is an unboxing / build / test of that system. The build actually took several hours and getting the software properly configured took a bunch more hours. The kit is complete (except for the Raspberry Pi and a power supply) and there were even some spare parts left over (I assume they are spare parts ) Every thing fit without being forced and it seems solidly des ...

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