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Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Robosapian

Posted by emotep Jan 10, 2014
After building 1.0, and thumping the inz n outs using raw materials, I'm finding highjacking the Robosapien an easy thing to do. Here are some pics of the prototype rigging. The lobotomy is just an infrared interface, so he has what equates to a spinal tap, sending the same commands you could send from the remote control. The RPI is already driving( thanks to Gbot-1.0 software development), all I had to do was change the throttle controls to 'walk-forward, walk back' ect. The only pro ...
I grabbed one of the first RPI's just as the model B became available, Now it's powering my own rover! There are some challenges with video, but overall it's a fun build and is still getting better every day. Gbot  has 4 cameras total, one mounted on a Dream cheeky missile launcher turret for 270 degree view, One mounted on the nose( shown in lower images) and 2 in the Xbox Kinect; one color and one IR. If you don't already know, the Kinect delivers grayscale 3D(depth) via infrared, whic ...

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