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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: fmilburn Top Member
The new Raspberry Pi 4 will not fit in any of the enclosures I have at hand and while doing preparation for a RoadTest I found that my Pi was overheating and throttling back.  A quick web search did not find what was desired and besides designing one seemed like a good learning opportunity.  The resulting design, done in Fusion 360, has the following features: Pi 3 also fits the enclosure Snap fit with no screws Base enclosure has a plain, solid top Camera slot can  be added t ...

Pi Day

Posted by fmilburn Top Member Mar 15, 2019
There are only a few more hours left on Pi Day here in the Pacific NW and I am pecking something out on my tablet as I am away from my computer. I actually use a Raspberry Pi quite a bit for my hobby of tracking ships that go by using AIS but realize I have only made a couple of short posts here on element 14.   I used my winnings from a Project 14 contest to make an AIS ship tracker using a Pi and the official display.   Raspberry Pi with dAISy Hat running OpenCPN on Official 7" Dis ...

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