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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: jc2048
Pi Day has been and gone for this year but I can't resist doing one more very simple electronics experiment. I'm going to do it quickly, without a great deal of precision, simply to look at the basic ideas involved. If you want to see it done better, and you have a Pi and a reasonable oscilloscope, you could try it for yourself. This is a follow-on from my Pi Day blog, which you can find here Experimenting with a Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin  .   OK, what simple experiment can I do with ...
It's Pi Day [well, almost: news travels slowly where I am] and I thought I'd add a simple electronic experiment to all the other good stuff that people are doing.   Not all experimenting has to be complicated or requires the use of lots of expensive equipment. I was curious about the GPIO pins on a Pi 3 Model B+, the one that I bought to attempt the PiCasso Design Challenge last year, so I thought I'd have a quick go at measuring one of the basic characteristics myself rather than simply l ...

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