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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: Joe Alderson
    One of the most accessible projects you can try with your Raspberry Pi is to learn about the communications features of the expansion header. The Raspberry Pi has 26 pins which carry signals ranging from GPIO (which can be configured in software) to +5V,  +3.3V and ground. There is a full description of each of the pins on the elinux site which explains which ones can be reconfigured to suit your needs.   Perhaps the easiest way to control fairly complex external module ...
This week we have been putting together some Gertboard & Raspberry Pi demo kits for Design West. The idea is that you can control a linear actuator and a few other pieces of hardware using the Gertboard. Gert Van Loo will be giving the demo next week at the Design West Exhibition, so if you're there, drop by and check out our handiwork! Here's the story of our build.   The decision to laser cut the Gertboard Experimenter Kits came quickly. We needed to create an enclosure that would su ...

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