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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: John Beetem Top Member
Abstract:  This ’blog is a new version of Flavia: The Free Logic Array, published July 2014.  There have been many improvements to Flavia since then, including Spartan-6 implementations for the LOGI-Pi, LOGI-Bone, and most recently for the new Papilio DUO.  A Flavia design can now include a I/O pin assignment table with optional configuration of pull-up, pull-down, and keeper circuits (only for the Papilio DUO right now).   This ’blog introduces the Papilio DUO i ...
Want to build this project? View Parts   Abstract:  I recently acquired a Motorola Atrix Lapdock and tried to get it working with my RasPi.  Unfortunately, something was wrong with the micro HDMI cable, specifically some cheap HDMI cables do not implement the individual ground lines.  I came up with a temporary work-around.  I thought people might be interested in the combination of detective work and exploration that got me to the solution.  Also, some of the La ...

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