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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: kk99
Today I have make an initial configuration of Raspberry Pi4 for purpose of streaming an DVB-T live channel via HLS. Basic idea is to use DVB-T USB dongle to receive an MUX with channels. I have used tzap tool to record audio and video PIDs of interested channel. This recording was a source for ffmpeg which transcoded this audio/video data. In final result we got an HLS manifest used by client application.   First step is configuration of HTTP server. I have used a Apache application with ...
  I have downloaded latest Raspbian and flashed it with balenaEtcher tool to SD card. Under Linux it is done by following command: ./balenaEtcher-1.5.56-x64.AppImage My idea is to have headless system, so I enabled SSH and configured a connection to home WiFi network. To enable SSH we need to create a empty file called shh under following location /boot/ on SD card. To setup WiFi we need to create a file with following name: wpa_supplicant.conf at the same location. Here is template of Wi ...

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