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Raspberry Pi

2 Posts authored by: mp2100
While I was participating as a team member for element14 to help folding@home analyze coronavirus I wanted to use my rPi4 to help with the effort.  Unfortunately, folding@home does not support the ARM processor, mentioned by cstanton and ninjatrent. They support Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, but on the x86 CPU only.  Doing all that works well, and I have my older ...
At the time I'm writing this, I say the Pi 4 runs hot, YMMV  This has has been reported many places, including cstanton Christopher's nice benchmark article: Benchmarking the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Tom's hardware has some nice tests, checking to see what overclocking it will do.,6188.html   When I bought my new Pi 4, I also bought the official new Pi 4 case from  Why?  Because the Ethernet ...

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