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Raspberry Pi

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Posted by mr_widget Dec 14, 2012
Here is a 3D view of my SweetiePie board, which was been sent out for fab last week. The purpose of this device is to interface my Raspberry Pi to an Atrix 4G Evo lapdock, which I acquired on Ebay for about $60.  The top surface connectors, for micro-USB and HDMI type D, are laid out to precisely fit in the Evo lapdock space intended for the smart phone.  The bottom surface connectors, for micro-USB and HDMI type A, will have very short cables connecting the SweetiePie to my Raspberry ...
We have a little terrier (I call her the domestic terrorist who is really attached to me.  I do not know that happened as Sydney is my wife's dog.  Any way it's a done deal.  Little Sydney does not like me to leave the house without her, but each time she tends to wander off.  Last week when it happened I started to go collect her and bring her home.  Whoops!  I found the hard way (ouch) that when I slip on a patch of mud and land on my head, it is just another pro ...

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