I previously described the great Adafruit RGB LCD + Keypad Pi Plate and showed off the demo program.  I spotted this inspiring project on the Adafruit blog by David Singleton:


Raspberry Pi Timelapse Controllerer

A few weeks ago, I found this beautiful video on Youtube – a timelapse video of stars and the Milky Way. Seeing the stars appear to rotate overhead (due to the rotation of the Earth) and the intricate structure of our own galaxy gave me a profound feeling of the scale of the universe that we move through on spaceship Earth. Of course, I wanted to record my own Milky Way timelapse.


David writes:

I also recently got hold of an Adafruit LCD Pi Plate for my Pi so I’ve added a User Interface too.


Newark element14 has all 3 models of the Adafruit LCD+Keypad Pi Plate in stock:


RGB Positive 16x2 LCDRGB Positive 16x2 LCD  (colored background)

RGB Negative 16x2 LCDRGB Negative 16x2 LCD (colored text)

Blue & White 16x2 LCDBlue & White 16x2 LCD



The test clip of the night sky is very impressive:


And also the sunset at the beach: