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I used a Raspberry Pi along with a PiRack, a Raspberry Pi camera module, a portion of a Pi Cobbler Kit, and a white LED to create a document camera for use in a high school classroom.  Document cameras typically cost hundreds of dollars.  Public school budgets are tight these days.  This RPi + PiRack + RPi camera module is an affordable solution that works with existing classroom technology (the projector that is already installed).  From the command line: sudo raspivid -t 0 -fps 20 -br 66 gives a nice image. At a height of around 13" above the document being examined, the document camera makes the writing on half of a letter-sized sheet of paper visible to all students in the classroom.  The older ceiling-mounted projector accepts composite video input.  This works fine.  Better viewing results could be obtained with a modern projector that had HDMI inputs.


docCameraTop450x546.jpg docCameraUnder450x600.jpg

Adding analog and digital interface card to Pi with remote control via Internet with Java or Bluetooth for local mobile access with same controls.