I used a Raspberry Pi along with a PiRack, a Raspberry Pi camera module, a portion of a Pi Cobbler Kit, and a white LED to create a document camera for use in a high school classroom.  Document cameras typically cost hundreds of dollars.  Public school budgets are tight these days.  This RPi + PiRack + RPi camera module is an affordable solution that works with existing classroom technology (the projector that is already installed).  From the command line: sudo raspivid -t 0 -fps 20 -br 66 gives a nice image. At a height of around 13" above the document being examined, the document camera makes the writing on half of a letter-sized sheet of paper visible to all students in the classroom.  The older ceiling-mounted projector accepts composite video input.  This works fine.  Better viewing results could be obtained with a modern projector that had HDMI inputs.


docCameraTop450x546.jpg docCameraUnder450x600.jpg