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When I first received the PiRack, I thought to myself… what could I do with this device?


It then came to my attention that there was a number of things I could do.


I could connect four Raspberry Pis together and use the PiRack as a power distribution system using the on-board power jack attached to the PiRack and an external power supply. Image below of possible project.


I could use the PiRack to connect my Gertboard Rev 1 to the Raspberry Pi along with the Pi Cobbler from Adafruit that has a LCD screen attached to it.   Unfortunately   the PiRack is not very good at stacking ribbon cables because the little set of 4 pins on each side holds the cable up and off the pins (this could be a possible design improvement).  I decided that connecting the cables to the back of the PiRack was better and easier.


In addition to having these two devices connected to the PiRack, I thought I could add in more devices, as explained in the below diagram.




The above diagram would a part of my robot project that I have been working on for the past year. As you can see from the diagram, The PiRack would make it very easy to expand the project in an orderly fashion. I have not constructed this with the PiRack yet but as you can see from the above diagram, it is viable to have the PiRack involved in the project in this configuration.


If you have any more interest in my robot project feel free to visit the project page at this link: