I love the Pi Screen, there are a few cases out there now but no open source ones that can be laser cut [that I know of], well now you have one.


The Case:






The Files:


Also I dislike not using the full sheet when cutting, the design includes two Pi Zero Cases [Made by alan of http://alanionita.me/ ]



Finding a Laser cutter in your area:


There are loads of places around the globe that will give you some free time on a laser cutter, try google for :

>FabLabs in your Area



[Any ive missed guys?]


Want to buy one?

If you are in the Uk I can make these and sell them for £15 +p&P [Email: mike@michaelratcliffe.com], shipping might get expensive for america but Another E14 member has another case for sale at that side of the pond:

Essential Raspberry Pi Peripherals #2 (annex 2): 7" LCD touch screen display installation notes