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My project is to connect the Raspberry Pi Camera with my Lensman microscope.


I had to do some extreme soldering to get the camera board in a suitable state. I had to move C1 so that the M2 screw head would fit in the hole. Then I moved the front pointing LED and resistor off the front of the board and soldered a white 0603 surface mount LED and a 2K2 resistor to the back of the board as shown in this photograph.



Then I milled out two pieces of 6mm thick lexan to act as the telescope mount and the camera board mount and bolted them together with hex pillars.




With the Lensman attached to a miniature tripod the camera was attached to the Pi as shown here.


The above photographs were not taken with the Pi Camera.

These are some of the results I obtained with the Pi Camera these were obtained with the microscope set for 80X magnifacation:-


Mouth piece of a Diptera blow fly:-



Transverse section of the tong of a common frog:-



Transverse section of a Globeflower stem:-



Algae - Vol Vox:-



Algae - Draparnldia:-



These are two phtographs I took at 120X magnifacation:-

Algae - Draparnldia:-



Just behind the mouth of a Diptera blow fly:-