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Raspberry Pi Accessories

2 Posts authored by: Stuartsjones element14 Team


XBMC for Raspberry Pi is a low cost media centre with a quick set up and is now available from element14! The bundle comes with the following:



-SD card, pre-installed with the  Raspbmc software that brings XBMC to your Raspberry Pi


User Guide and Introductory Video

-straightforward instructions and introductory video to set up your Raspberry Pi and begin using XBMC.


Ultra Mini Keyboard and Integrated Mouse Pad

-Wireless remote control for XBMC running on your Raspberry Pi


HDMI Cable

-To connect the Raspberry Pi to your monitor or television


Ethernet Cable

-To connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet


XMBC with Logo.png


Here, element14 engineer Joe Alderson shows you how to set up the system (Kudos on the rug, Joe!)


You can also read element14 community member, Ryan Walmsley's review of the product here and also on his blog.


To buy the XBMC, go to the Raspberry Pi accessories page HERE.


I spy with my little Pi...


We're pleased to announce the arrival of the long awaited camera module for Raspberry Pi at element14! You can buy the Raspberry Pi Camera now, so go to the main Raspberry Pi accessories page and ORDER YOURS NOW. Initial stock of camera module is limited, so make sure you order yours now to avoid waiting.


The Raspberry Pi Camera module is designed and made by the Raspberry Pi foundation. It attaches easily to your board and is simple to get started with, as demonstrated in this video:



To celebrate the launch, we're also launching an exciting photo competition with a whole load of Raspberry Pi accessories up for grabs. You can read the rules of the competition here.


We also spotted the BBC's technology corespondent Rory Cellan-Jones getting to grips with the Pi Camera. Although Rory notes that he won't be entering our photo competition, we think his dog would make a fantastic entry for people and pets!

Rory cellen Jones Pi.JPG

rory dog.JPG