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the workshop never looked this tidy before



made up out of 25 images taken with the Pi camera module and stitched together. 


The camera module is fairly tricky to use like this, the flexi cable is connects to the Pi with could do with being a bit longer, you need all sorts of cables attached etc.  So I quickly heath robinsoned up something to hold it all together out of a scrap box lid some pcb offcuts, lots of masking tape and cable ties. That would hopefully mean I could spend a bit more effort on trying to hold the camera still. I looks like this:





that's a 10m hdmi lead so that I could have a preview up on the monitor to give myself some idea if I was pointing it vaguely the right direction.


The raspistill utility has a timelapse option to take an image every so many milliseconds which I thought might be good for doing this sort of thing, but unfortunately it just saves to the same filename continuously. So I threw together a short perl script to take a pic every two seconds and generate a unique filename:


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

for (my $f=0;$f<40;$f++) {

        my $img="pan" .'0' x (3-length($f))."$f.jpg";

        my $c="raspistill -ex auto -awb fluorescent -t 2000 -ISO 100 -o $img";

        system $c;


start the script and try to take some reasonably steady photos round the room with a good bit of overlap - easier than it seems when you're trying to hold the Pi, a keyboard, various cables and are at the limit of the length of the power lead.

The camera module has a reasonably long focal length which didn't help, I could have done with being six feet further back, but the workshop just isn't big enough for that.


Finally joind it all up with Autostitch, which made a remarkably good job of my rather shaky camera work.