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Raspberry Pi Accessories

1 Post authored by: alicia

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I developed new TFT-LCD shield for Raspberry Pi.

Due to the size of existing monitor, there was a limitation of mobility and personal projects before.

It can be used for like PI Camera and so on with mini LCD, suitable for mobility and simple outlook.



[Specification & Feature]


- Extended shield product

- Attached by GPIO as monitor purpose

- Simple commend orders to make a monitor

- Easy connection

- Available to use as a compact mobile computer

- Additional power with DC 5V adapter

- Resolution: 320 * 240

- Screen Size: 2.8 inch

- Touch screen







LCD ControllerILI9325C
Touch Screen ControllerADS7843 or XPT2046
LCD InterfaceSPI & 8-bit & 16-bit
Touch Screen InterfaceSPI
Pin pitch2.00 mm