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Raspberry Pi Accessories

2 Posts authored by: biglesp
Wi-Pi    Wireless networking is something that we really take for granted. Nearly every device that we own has some form of technology to wireless connection. Wireless is getting cheaper and we this is evident in the proliferation of new components such as the esp 8266, a $3 hackable WIFI device with limited GPIO (General Purpose Input Output).   When the Raspberry Pi first hit the world in 2012 it came with a 100MB Ethernet connection for wired network access. Thanks to the R ...
The Raspberry Pi is capable of many great things but one of the most accessible and rewarding is something incredibly simple, taking a photograph. We take this for granted as a camera comes with our cell phone, but how do I take a photograph? With our cell phone we open the camera application, frame the shot and then touch the screen to take a picture. But behind the scenes there are many steps to be taken in sequence in order to capture an image or a video. In this tutorial we will learn via ...

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