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Raspberry Pi Accessories

1 Post authored by: duckcamuk

I have been desperate to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi camera module for a project and ended up having to use a USB which caused me some concern as the power requirements of some of the USB ones mean that you can't run them alongside a wifi dongle like my WiPi. Fortunately I managed to procure a Logitech C110 to tide me over until my PiCam arrives and now Duck Cam is up and running.

I started with one of my four Raspberry Pi and the latest image file. The webcam and WiPi both worked out of the box and all was looking good. I installed ffmpeg from the repo to stream to using RTMP but it kept failing after a single frame.

Getting the latest source from git and compiling my own ffmpeg meant that it then worked perfectly and using my cheap cam I have managed to stream up to 640x480 at 15fps (that's all this cam can do). I am lookng forward to getting a PiCam so I can up the resolution and frame rate to the limits of my home internet connection.

For those that want to do something similar you'll need to follow these instructions to compile ffmpeg and then sign up for a bambuser account and follow these instructions to get the streaming working.

So what am I streaming? My wife and I are currently looking after two cayuga ducklings called Bramble and Dandelion so I have rigged up their box with the RPi and camera as seen below.





The resulting stream can be seen at