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I like to avoid peripherals and accessories of the Raspberry Pi sticking out too much, resulting in a cleaner look. One of those things "bothering" me, is the SD card.


There are alternatives, such as the low profile microSD card adapter from Adafruit. Unfortunately, since it's thicker than a normal SD card, it does not always fit in the case.


That's why I modified my case to allow the use of such an adapter.


photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG

I carved out the bottom of the case to compensate for the extra thickness of the adapter.


photo 4.JPG

I also had to provide a little more space in the other part of the case because the microSD sticks out a bit and is positioned lower than the normal SD card slot.


photo 3.JPG photo.JPG

The result: the modifications made to the case are not visible from the outside and no SD card sticking out.