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Raspberry Pi Accessories

1 Post authored by: kriedel

In my project I connect a digital picture frame (DPF with hacked firmware) to one USB connector and display the picture from the camera module with local time, date and weather information getting from an RSS weather feed. Every 30 seconds a serially numbered picture is saved with the same information in it. Every 200 pictures I generate a timelapse video from the photos with avconv. But this is not all, you can also watch the last picture and if you wish the last video in a webbrowser from everywhere.


Here you can see my den (I cleaned up a bit before taken the photos, the photo was taken with my Canon EOS, the oscilloscope show the signal on a local DS18B20 - the source for local temperature).



The camera module is mounted on a Adafruit Prototyping Pi Plate:




Photo taken with camera module and presented in webbrowser: