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Raspberry Pi Accessories

1 Post authored by: noxious

highly inspired by Ian Rentons Raspberry tank build ( ) I am now set to make it bigger and better.

The final tank is to be built from real steel, in scale of 1/12, using custom built and machined parts.

Powered by two heavy duty R/C electric engines for tracks, one smaller one for the turret and an array of batteries, it should be able to ram through most obstacles.

I'm actually going to use 2 raspberry Pi -boards for the build, one placed in the hull, controlling power usage, movement and turret turning, second placed in the turret, controlling the weapon system.

Both boards will be equipped with camera modules.

The gun will (possibly) have a target follow-up automation system and hopefully gyros to keep it stable during movement.

the gun will be either airsoft gun-based or possibly even air gun -based, depending how the reloading can be sorted in such a small space.


pretty much the more stuff I can fit in there, the better.


pics to come once I get something worth publishable done.