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Raspberry Pi Accessories

2 Posts authored by: penguintutor
I've previously taken some photos of my children's bee box, but I have now had chance to put the Raspberry Pi camera module through it's paces taking some photos of my workshops.   I have a room in the house which I used for my software development and electronics, with a shed in the garden for the more heavy duty work.   All these photos have been taken using the Raspberry Pi camera accessory, and each one has at least one different Raspberry Pi and/or case in the photo - see if you ...
Here is a photo of a Bee project Raspberry Pi that I made with my children. This was made as a school minibeast project.   This is an interactive model where the bee can be moved. When placed near the flower then the flower lights up and there is the sound of a bee buzzing. When the bee is placed near the hive then bee hive lights up and there   For the project has been placed outside with added flowers to compliment the project.   The photo was taken with a Raspberry Pi came ...

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