• New reworked driver for Wolfson/Cirrus Logic audio card

    I've been working on a driver rework, mainly to get rid of the requirement to carry around a bunch of patches to upstream driver code, and also to fix some outstanding issues and introduce some new features.   M...
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  • Upgrading Pi B & Wolfson Card Fails

    I have a Logitech Media Server/Squeezebox system currently running under Jessie/Max2Play with Squeezelite players 4 with Wolfson cards and HDMI audio adaptors on the rest all using Pi B boards. I wanted to extend and ...
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  • Can't mount CirrusLogicAudioCard image. What is file system in it?

    http://downloads.element14.com/downloads/cirrus/cirrus_logic_audio_card_all_pi_versions.zip?ICID=CirrusLogicAudio-topMain-firmware&COM=CirrusLogicAudioCard image. What is file system in it?
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    created by hfic.samin
  • correct pinout expansion header

    I need confirmation on the pin-out of the expansion header of the Cirrus Logic Audio Card.:   I have the last 4 pins working as buttons ( pin 20 = BCM 26, pin 19 = BCM 16 , pin 18 = BCM 12 , pin 17 = BCM 6 ) bu...
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  • Which GPIOs can I use - Cirrus Card pinouts for the Extension Header and the UART Header

    The Cirrus card has a 20 pin extension header and a three pin UART header that give access to RPI GPIOs, I2C and UART.   I had to scrape all this info together for my own projects so I thought I would share....
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  • Cirrus Logic Audio card needed

    Hi,   Does anybody has a redundant Wolfson/Cirrus Logic audio card? I would buy it.   Thanks,
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  • Play and record audio simultaneously via Python Threading

    Hi all. I am working on a project to playback and record audio at the same time via Python. To run these two functions simultaneously, I used the Threading function. My code are as seen below:   import threading...
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  • Audio out - amplifier for ear buds

    I am nearly deaf, using the computer audio out 3.5 mm plug for earbuds I often can not hear the audio while attempting to watch a youtube video. Many persons do not carefully record their audio nor use closed caption....
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  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card and Raspberry Pi 3

    Hi!   Main idea of starting this discussion is that if anyone has a working setup with Raspberry Pi 3 then it would be nice if you could share the image. Or the instructions to get the Cirrus Logic Audio card wo...
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  • Is there a low frequency cut off value?

    I am trying to setup a Rpi to record vibrations from local traffic. I am using an inexpensive seismometer plugged into the Cirrus. Is there a filter on the board that filters out frequencies that are lower than 50Hz (...
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  • How to disable AGC in Cirrus Logic Card?

    I am using a system named Democracy Dev by Benti Digital, which is comprised of a RPi 3 model B and a compatible Cirrus Logic Card, Here is the link: BENTI - DIGITAL AUDIO R&D - home It seems that the mic inpu...
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    created by rfs10419
  • How can I implement a tone control on this card?

    I want to use my Pi3 as a portable mp3 player. Is there a way to implement a traditional style tone control ? Bass, treble, volume ? If it has to be done in DSP how would I go about it, or should it be done in hardwar...
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  • Buying your old Cirrus Logic audio card

    I can buy your Cirrus Logic audio card (the one that has been discontinued).   Ping me at boris@orelia.fr if you are interested and if you have any   Best
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    created by orelia
  • Only getting output from left speaker

    Hi,   I have the cirrus logic version of the card (Ver A1.01). Headphone output works fine but I recently decided to wire it up directly to a pair of speakers to have a standalone music player. However, only one...
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  • Looking for a Audio Capture card for Raspberry Pi 3 (Cirrus Logic Audio Card replacement)

    Hi All,   Been searching everywhere but cant seem to find a Cirrus Logic Audio card in stock. I know they have been discontinued. I am looking for a card that can capture audio in (analogue) for the purpose of s...
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  • Best Microphone to connect?

    Hi!   I'm what kind of microphone works best with the cirrus logic card. Is it a normal computer microphone? Does that work just as good as with a normal computer? Or do I need something special?   cheers!
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  • Having trouble w/ Wolfson card playback

    Hello board!   I need help getting Wolfson card to output audio from system (mplayer and etc). I followed the instructions, and checked, driver is loading, but i can't get any audio out of mplayer. Looks like a...
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  • Alternative to Cirrus Logic Audio Card ?

    1) Are there any alternatives for 'Cirrus Logic Audio Card' for Raspberry pi 3 ? I need a sound card with stereo microphone and power amplifier to connect it to external speaker. I saw the hifiberry.com DAC+ , etc so...
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    created by sunny127
  • Has the Cirrus Logic Audio Card  been discontinued?

    I would like to know is the Cirrus Logic Audio Card is a discontinued product. In Farnell  (Element 14),  it is not possible to buy this product and there are very few in another distributor. In case that h...
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  • Where is the volume control?

    Firstly, thank you to those hard working people maintaining the drivers for this card.   Secondly, apologies if I have missed something obvious but now that I finally have my card working on a 4.4 kernel I don't...