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Raspberry Pi Model B+

July 14, 2014 Previous day

Meet the Raspberry Pi B+

Posted by biglesp Jul 14, 2014
  The Raspberry Pi is now two years old and in it's lifetime it has found itself deep under the sea, controlling complex machinery and floating in space. The initial goal of the project, to educate children in Computer Science has revolutionised the education landscape with children and adults learning more about Computing and Electronics.   Revisions Since it's initial launch there have been many Models of the Raspberry Pi   Model RAM CPU GPIO USB Storage Ethernet ...

Welcome to the B+

Posted by elecia Jul 14, 2014
Element14 sent me a new Raspberry Pi B+ board to evaluate. The verdict is easy: I don’t know why it took me so long to pick one of these up, I was completely charmed. The B+ has the same processor, clock speed, and RAM (512MB) so the huge community’s existing programs will run without update. It has the same camera and display connectors so your existing accessories will be compatible. Oh, and it has the same price. It has two additional USB ports (four in total) so you may do awa ...