Hey, so when i got my Raspberry Pi 2 (courtesy of Element14), i decided to make a stop-motion video of the unboxing, hope you like the video




I have a model b+ , which i was very happy about it and has i saw the announcement of the Raspberry Pi 2 i wanted to get one! The features are great!!! (i made a small list of features in the end of the video )


I had my expectations very high with the Rpi2 , as it is a big update comparing with the b+ , i love how the Raspberry Pi foundation makes every new board backwards compatible, in comparison with the B+ the Rpi2 is more fluid and performs much better, as soon as i got it i notice a big difference in booting time. For a 35$/40$ it's a very nice deal, the 40 pin GPIO allows you to do many electronics projects , or you can use it as a media player, or as server or as a normal pc(Can the Raspberry Pi 2 Replace your Desktop Computer?)... The possibilities are endless...


I'm currently using it as a media player and i will integrated it in a project that i'm currently doing but when the time comes i'll post here the project!


Thanks to Element14


Luís Torrão