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NO Network with Pi 2

Posted by i-wrench May 21, 2015
Hi, I have a to me strange problem and could use some help. I have two raspberry Pi's a model B+ and a model 2. I can hook up the B+ and every thing works just fine but if I connect the model 2 it does not show up in my home network. Like I said the model b+ works fine I can see it from my windows computer and I can add movies and music with no problems. But if I hook up the model 2 I see nothing yet I can connect to the internet using either one. I have them both set to the same IP address and ...
Why build a radar? If you have an interest in aircraft then a cheap and easy way to receive details of aircraft near to you is using a cheap USB TV tuner as a software defined radio to decode aircraft radar transponder transmissions. Modern transponders can transmit more than just a squawk code and altitude allowing you to see their identity, position, speed and direction, and a Raspberry Pi is cheap enough to dedicate to the task. Tuners can be had from eBay for less than £10. Here's the h ...