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Gertboard with no leds?

Posted by mirelavus Nov 24, 2013
I have a Raspberry Pi Gertboad (21 Oct 2012 version) purchased fully assembly but missing the leds? I have no soldering tool, can I get another one? I can't test the leds and the push buttons if I miss the leds. I purchased it this past summer but I did not get to it due to my work and school schedule. Anyone had this problem? ...
This post is intended to demonstrate compatibility of the chipKIT Pi with certain existing Arduino shields. In the second part of this post, we will also demonstrate how to communicate with the chipKIT Pi over a simple I/O line on the Raspberry Pi, from a terminal window, to control the Arduino shield connected to the chipKIT Pi.   Hardware Used: Raspberry Pi chipKIT Pi Raspberry Pi Add-on Board Arduino Motor Control Shield   Procedure: Let’s begin by simply controlling a com ...
Want to build this project? View Parts Update (7/15/14):  Check out my new Goldie skateboard! Part of my new line of Goldie Fishwater products? Disclaimer: I’m an engineer, not a pro film maker. Be advised. Disclaimer: I’m an engineer, not a pro film maker. Be advised. "pro-tip" - I recommend watching all the times in bold below... Video time map.. see what you want: 00:00 The story of Goldie, opening animation 03:25 Video start, my opening thoughts 0 ...

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